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Crane School, 83in. x 156 in. Charcoal on paper; 2019

Bolster, 14in. x 11in. Charcoal on Paper; 2020


Tongue, 36in. x 27in. Charcoal on Paper; 2019

Pencil Pour, 48in. x 36in. Charcoal on Poster Board; 2020

Smelly Affection, 36in. x 27in. Charcoal on Paper; 2021

Over Throw Event, 782in. x 73in. Charcoal, on paper; 2017-18

Bath Event, 82in. x 73in. Charcoal on paper; 2017

Ballet Brothers Event, 82in. x 73in. Charcoal, oil stick, and gesso on paper; 2017


Self-Portrait with Baby, 36. x 24in. Charcoal on newsprint; 2018

Part I of III, 82in. x 62in. Charcoal and gesso on paper; 2014

Balthus at the Theatre, 62in. x 138in. Charcoal, pencil, acetate, and tape on paper; 2015

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